Well Integrity Service – Through Tubing Casing & Casing Inspection Integrity Services

The Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) is 43.0mm (1 11/16”) O.D electromagnetic corrosion measuring instrument primarily run through tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect tubing and the casings behind it. The integrity of the casing string can be evaluated without the need of a costly workover rig or time-consuming removal of the tubing completion.

The latest generation MTD-G tool is capable of evaluating thickness measurements up to four barriers. The state-of-the-art instrument combines a high-power transmitter, improved signal-to-noise (SNR) electronics and fully configurable acquisition. This flexible approach allows a wide range of evaluations under different conditions and conveyance systems.

The MTD-G tool has two sets of sensors, which deliver high-energy electromagnetic pulses into the pipes surrounding the tool. Based on the Pulsed Eddy Current physics principles, the tool records the composite decay of the eddy current signals that are used to evaluate the pipe conditions.


  • Multiple tubing-casing inspection up to 4 barriers
  • Thru-tubing deployment – 43.0mm (1 11/16”) Tool OD
  • Pre-job planner software to simulate and obtain best field operation scenario
  • Inbuilt 3-Axis accelerometer, relative bearing and inclination sensors
  • Flexible deployment methods – SRO or MRO

Multi Finger Caliper (MFC)

Multi-Finger Caliper tools provide direct, accurate and reliable measurements of internal tubing and casing diameters. Used in both drilling and production environments, applications include the evaluation of corrosion, erosion, wear, bending, buckling, pits, holes and other defects with high accuracy. Measuring fingers move radially along the inner casing or tubing wall, detecting any diameter change. This produces a high-resolution record of the tubular geometry which can be viewed and presented as a conventional log, a cross section, or a 3-D color enhanced image. 

The tool comes in 24, 40 or 56 multi fingers that moves radially along the inner tubular to record the internal diameter. The Multi-Finger Caliper may also be used to measure the buildup of scale, paraffin or other mineral deposits in the wellbore. Auxiliary measurements include an integral wellbore temperature probe, along with deviation and relative bearing information. A range of instrument diameters with different finger arrays are available to provide optimized measurements in tubulars ranging from 60.3mm to 406.4mm (2-3/8 in. to 16 in.) diameter


  • Available in 24, 40 or 56 Multi-Finger Caliper logging for optimal results
  • Built-in Wellbore Temperature and 3-axis accelerometer able to provide crucial information about the Well Conditions including: Temperature, Deviation and Finger position
  • Combinable with Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTD)
  • Flexible deployment methods – Surface Readout or Memory application
  • Extended fingers option up to 473.1 mm (18 5/8”)

Radial Cement Bond Logging

The prime application for the Radial Cement Bond Tool is to confirm hydraulic isolation between producing and non-producing zones, and the integrity of the well, by the effective placement of cement between the well tubulars (typically casing) and the formation. Poor cement can result in unwanted water or gas production, fluid migration in the annulus and inadequate support of the casing. In some instances the safety and integrity of the entire well can be threatened.


The High Speed Radial (HSR) presents the next generation of cement bond tools. It evaluates the cement bond quality and integrity to both casing and formation by providing a 360° cement map with a dedicated 8-segment Radial receiver located (2-ft) from the transmitter It also provides standard cement bond amplitude (CBL) through Near receiver (3-ft), and Variable Density Log (VDL) through Far receiver (5-ft). All sonic data is captured and stored digitally. A built-in advanced telemetry system ensures high speed logging without compromise in Sonic quality. A Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Locator and Temperature sensors are included in the tool.

HSR-20 | 2-3/4” High Speed Radial Cement Bond Logging Tool



HSR-35 | 3-1/2” High Speed Radial Cement Bond Logging Tool