What we doSaberTooth

Sabertooth noise log is a new generation of spectral noise log equipped with ultra sensitive hydrophones that can accurately scan fluid flow around well-bore up to 5 m radius of investigation.

Multiple high resolution and sensitive hydrophones has been stacked in the tool string to minimize the logging time while stationary survey is being conducted inside the wellbore.

Sabertooth detects any small fluid noise even behind multiple barriers of pipes and cement in the wellbore and this has made it as an excellent solution for source identification in gas migration and surface casing vent flow.

Sabertooth enables locating the source of small leaks by identifying the cross-flows, lateral flows and cement channels behind multiple casing barriers.

SaberTooth Spectral Noise Log

SaberTooth Spectral Noise Log(ex.2)


  • Rig-less operation, Short logging time
  • Slim design tool string
  • Memory logging incurs less cost
  • Detects very small fluid flow
  • Identifies channel flow, later flows and cross-flows
  • Coupled with high definition temperature sensors
  • Wide frequency range (Dual Band)
  • Advanced Processing Software


  • SCVF (Surface Casing Vent Flow)
  • Behind casing flow diagnosis
    (channeling/annular flow)
  • Leak detection
    (source identification)
  • Flow profiling
    (producers, injectors/disposal wells)
  • Hydraulic isolation diagnosis
    (packers, cement)
  • Active zones identification
    (lateral flows)
  • Loss circulation zone identification (drilling)

Ability to scan and detect fluid or gas movement behind multiple barriers of pipe!