SaberTooth Spectral Noise (SSN) & High-Definition Temperature (HDT) Logging

SaberTooth Spectral Noise logging designed for Surface Casing Vent Flow & Gas Migration issues,  well-reservoir performance evaluation behind casing for channeling due to poor cement bond, matrix or fracture type of production or injection. Spectral noise logging along with our Magnetic Thickness Detector MTD logging also helps to determine active casing & surface casing integrity issues.


Versa-Line Services offers SaberTooth Spectral noise logging to monitor fluid or gas flow behind the casing(s). Based on SaberTooth Spectral Noise  logging and high-definition  temperature, the combined HDT-SSN tool accurately identifies leaks in the tubing, casing or surface casing. 


In the addition of SaberTooth spectral noise logging to the temperature measurement helps operators see a detailed description of gas entering micro-annulus and reservoir flow—an improvement over using temperature data alone. Significant improvements in the HDT temperature tool design allows for a much quicker response (less than 1 sec) and greater resolution (0.003°C).

Gas Migration Logging

Many wells experience the following integrity problems which can be detected SaberTooth & High Definition Temperature:


  • Surface Casing Vent Flow SCVF (Also known as sustained casing pressure SCP)
  • Gas Migration (GM) 
  • Casing leaks result in crossflows behind casing, which can lead to unpredictable reservoir performance.
  • Leaks in casing, tubing and packers can increase annulus pressure, putting well operations at risk. 


 Fluid flow through tubular leaks creates a noise pattern that is different from noise generated by fluid flow through the reservoir. SaberTooth Spectral noise logging can distinguish between both types of fluid flow, making it ideal for leak detection. Leaks through cement can be traced by their characteristic signature responses.