Versa-Line Services provides full-service casedhole logging solutions.

We monitor the vital signs of a well-bore, obtaining accurate information to maximize the recovery and to diagnose down-hole issues that compromises well-bore integrity and production.

With our unmatched industry leading logging technology, knowledge base, and specialty tools we supply our customers with reliable well integrity and production analysis in real time format.


Versa-Line specialty tools provide direct, accurate and reliable measurements of internal tubing and casing diameters. Like the Multi-Finger Caliper, used in both drilling and production environments, applications include the evaluation
of corrosion, erosion, wear, bending, buckling, pits, holes and other defects with high accuracy.

Logging & Perforating Services

High Deviation Logging & Perforating Systems

  • E-line Rollers
  • Up to 86˚deviation with Wireline

Electro- Mechanical Lines (E-line)

  • 9/32″ Hi-Temp Standard Line 260˚C
  • 9/32″ Hi-Temp GD31MO Nickel Line 260˚C
  • All lengths 7500 m /unit


  • Gamma Ray / CCL Logging
  • Correlation Logging
  • HSRB – High Speed Radial Cement Bond Logging
  • Temperature Logging
    • Cement Top
  • Noise & Temperature logging
    • SCVF – Surface casing vent flow analysis
    • Packer, plug or pipe leak detection
    • Behind casing cross flow detection
  • Surface read-out (SRO) and Memory Production logging
    • GR/CCL
    • Temperature
    • Gradiomanometer/Density
    • Caliper
    • Flow (Full Bore Spinner or Inline Low Flow Rate)

Perforating Services

  • **RF & Stray Voltage Safe Systems**
  • **RF & Stray Voltage Monitoring System**
  • Conventional perforating for completions & work-overs
    • Gas & Heavy Oil System
  • TCP – Tubing Conveyed Perforating
    • Horizontal & Vertical Applications
    • Time Delay Systems
  • Through Tubing Perforating Services
    • Shogun Systems
    • RTG – Retrievable Tubing Gun Systems
  • Surface Casing Vent Flow Gun Systems
    • NEW – Slot Gun Systems
    • Spiral Guns
    • UZI – Channel Finders – Ultra High Density

Pipe REcovery Services

  • CC – Chemical Cutters 25.4 mm – 244.5 mm
  • SC – Spectra Cutters – New
  • Ace™ Tubing Cutters – New
  • ACE™ Extended Range
  • Back-off & String Shots
  • Free-Point Tools & Systems