Field Proven & Reliable

High Deviation Well Access

Versa-Line has been supplying high deviation tool string equipment to the Western Canadian oil and gas industry for many years. During this time we have seen these products evolve into one of the most effective downhole friction reduction solutions on the market.

We are proud to be able to offer this technology and the significant benefits it has brought to our customers. Over the past many years we have been successful in accessing highly deviated wellbores up to 88° Degrees with slickline & eline operations.

Roller Subs

Successfully Utilised In 84º Deviations

The Roller Sub was designed to fill a need in the rolling systems market for a simple and reliable means of reducing toolstring friction. The Roller Subs allow deeper penetration into deviated wellbores and also enhance our Slickline Tractor and Catapult operations.

The Roller Subs feature interchangeable hardened wheels that allow the fitment of the largest wheel size possible for a particular completion. The large diameter wheel has two positive benefits. It lifts the toolstring clear of any foreign bodies, scale or debris in the tubing and also prevents the tools between the rollers from “bellying out” on the tubing wall. The large radius also allows easier passage over obstructions where smaller wheel sizes would encounter difficulty.

Horizontal Self Cocking Jar

Hydraulic High Deviation Jarring

The Horizontal Self Cocking Jar is a long stroke hydraulic jar which has the unique capability of re-setting itself in a highly deviated or horizontal wellbore. Whereas standard Hydraulic, spang or spring jars rely on gravity to re-set, the Horizontal Jar incorporates a re-setting spring which provides sufficient re-setting force independent of deviation.

Originally designed to be run with the mechanical Tractor, the Horizontal Jar provides greater flexibility to many non-tractor operations. A unique feature of the Horizontal Jar is the viscosity compensation metering system which maintains the metering time near constant regardless of the temperature.


High Deviation Tubular Jar

Enhanced Upward & Downward Jarring

The High Deviation Tubular Jar addresses the industry need for a tubular jar that has the ability to stroke closed in highly deviated wells. Used in conjunction with the Roller Subs, the Tubular Jar will provide both upward and downward jarring action in wells up to a proven 84 degrees deviation. This is achieved by utilizing two sets of recirculating ball bushings.

The HDT Jar is extremely debris tolerant due to its larger than normal running clearance between the anvil block and outer housing.


Roller Subs

High Quality Roller Bearings

Each wheel features three bearings, two thrust and one double angular. The wheels are rigidly mounted on a threaded shaft that is double locked to the main body. The roller sub features four wheels per roller in a spiral, which guarantees two contact points with the tubing at any one time.

Non Impact Wire Cutter

Electronically Controlled Wire Retrieval

The Non-Impact Wire Cutter is an electronic timer controlled wire cutter, which may be used in highly deviated wells to recover the maximum amount of wire from a stuck down-hole tool, prior to commencing fishing operations. The ReAct© cutter timer interval is controlled by fitting a special plug at the top of the actuator sub-assembly. Once fitted an LED on the plug flashes to confirm that the ReAct© timer has started the countdown.


Tool String Examples

Reduced Friction – Increased Depth

The extremely low friction provided by the high deviation products allows the tool string to reach extended well depths with efficiency and reliability.Recent deployments have seen successful operations carried out in deviations of up to 84º.

Our cost effective products have an excellent industry track record and over the years have successfully conveyed equipment over millions of feet, often in challenging environments.