Swabbing Services

Versa-Line Swabbing has proudly served for many years. Over this time, we’ve become known in the area for the way we combine knowledge, innovation and creativity to deliver top-notch service.

Our technical team has decades of combined experience and the highest level of training in their industry. They put this knowledge to work, combining it with some of the latest technology, to remove liquids from your wellbore.      No matter the scope of your job, we have the manpower and resources to handle it.

Swabbing is generally considered harmful in drilling operations, because it can lead to kicks and wellbore stability problems. In production operations, however, the term is used to describe how the flow of reservoir hydrocarbons is initiated in some completed wells.

In-Line Swabbing for Tubing or Casing

  • All sellable gas and liquid is kept in the flow line
  • Zero greenhouse gases are emitted to the atmosphere
  • Surface pressure is not a concern with our units
    • No venting of gas happens at any pressure unlike conventional swab rigs
    • No down time required for well to bleed down between swabs like conventional swab rigs
  • Able to run in hole as well continues to flow at any pressure
    • Unique design of swab mandrel allows substantial flow area to allow swab string to be ran back into well while it continues to flow
versa line mas

Conventional Swabbing

  • Dyform cable offers enough strength to unload 1/2 to 1 m3 of fluid per swab depending on fluid type
  • Swab evaluations for plunger lift application
    • Able to simulate plunger system to prove if the well is capable to support a plunger system
      • Conventional plunger lift evaluation
      • Free cycle plunger lift evaluation
  • Catch tanks/ Blow down tank
    • 12 m3 and 15 m3 capacity