We are proud to announce a new technology partnership of the new CASING EXPANDER TOOL.  This technology provides Versa-Line Services to provide clients with complete rigless operations of the Surface Casing Vent Flow repairs & Gas Migration interventions in certain conditions.

Versa-Line’s Sabertooth Spectral Noise Tool is complimented by the new Casing Expander Tool to reduce cost and interventions to the well bore.

We really look forward to provide all our customers in Canada with this new technology.


  • Low cost mitigation for SCVF & SCP, fewer man-hours, reduction of financial liabilities, methane emissions and HSSE exposure.
  • Eliminates explosives, cement/materials, high pressure pumps, support equipment and associated personnel.
  • PRO’s outside of P&A; Annulus base for environmental plugs, Water Shutoff and Crossflow repair, Metal2Metal seal, Dual-annuli repair, and well restoration.
  • Significant interest in Europe, Middle East and Asia to trial/ replicate in Unconventional wells.