baby news september 2022

New Addition to the Versa-Line Family

We wanted to share the news with everyone that a valued employee and his wife welcomed a
new baby girl into their family. 

A beautiful, healthy, baby girl was born weighing 5lbs 7oz. Mom and baby are doing great. 

From the VLS family to yours…. Congrats Brett and Amanda!

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technical sales representative chad hannin standing in front of versa line logo sign

Introducing Chad Hannin, Versa-Line Calgary Sales Team’s newest member

Chad is a member of Versa-Line’s Calgary sales team, and brings more than 25 years of experience in the wireline industry.

He started his career at a combination wireline company, and spent several years as a combination supervisor, managing various wireline operations, like specialty logging and pipe recovery, workovers and recompletes both onshore and offshore. Chad eventually joined a large super major service company, where he developed his knowledge of engineering, specialty logs and logging tools related to eline and slickline. He then joined their sales team, where he became a Senior Technical Sales representative and provided field and sales knowledge to clients.

Chad’s work in both fieldwork and sales makes him a highly effective technical sales rep, and he’s a natural fit for the Versa-Line team. We are happy to have him on board complementing our sales team!

Cell: 403-701-5132

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chad thresher by the versa line sign

Promotion Announcement: Chad Thresher

Versa-Line Services Inc. is pleased to announce that Chad Thresher has been officially promoted to General Manager of Operations. This announcement is long overdue since Chad has been operating in this role for several months in all aspects other than the title.

Chad’s work ethic and leadership are second to none and he sets an incredible example each and every day. He has worked tirelessly with this goal in mind, and it with great pride that we are finally making it official.

We want to thank Chad for his dedication to Versa-Line. We are extremely lucky to have him on our team!

Chad Thresher

General Manager of Operations

Cell: 403.350.8582

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Owner Aldean Sehlstrom in front of Versa Line logo

2022 Service & Staffing Update

We spoke with Aldean Sehlstrom, co-owner, president and director of Versa-Line, about the company’s range of services and what the future holds for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

As Aldean put it, “Versa-line provides a wide range of services for cased hole wireline environments, from well completions and repair to abandonments. We focus particularly on well integrity and abandonment services in our eline division, and on well optimization, fishing, and well completions in our slickline division. Our clients may not be aware of the full extent of what we can do. We’re a slickline company, an electric line/logging/perforating company, and a swabbing company. We started with in-line swabbing, and we’ve continued to develop our services from there. We have the training, procedures, equipment, and people to do all these services right.”

As for what the future holds, a lot of focus will be on expanding the Grand Prairie division. This is a newer base for Versa-Line and they have gained a strong foothold in the region. The intention is to double their current workforce, and they are currently looking for motivated individuals to join their team. 

Aldean says, “At Versa-Line, we believe that great people are the key to operating great equipment, incorporating technologies, and choosing the right tool and service to get the job done. We are always looking for people who will benefit our team, help us grow, and who are committed to a career of learning new tasks and skills. Versa-Line is proud to do a lot of in-house training, which we believe is the best way to learn the skills necessary for a successful career in our industry. We are proud to have made it through some tough times in the last few years, despite COVID-19 and market conditions. Almost our whole team stuck with us through that process, which shows how well we work together when times are tough. Fortunately, we’re through the worst of it now and things are looking up for the next few years. We’re always looking for motivated people who want a career, because that’s the best way to ensure that our equipment and services are done properly and that our customers are satisfied.”

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