Scorpion Unit

Hybrid Slickline / Swabbing Unit
Unmatched Efficiency and Versatility

  • scorpion_logoHigh strength 0.140” carbon steel slickline for heavy duty, sweet operations
    • Max working load of 3550 lbs
    • More than enough pulling power for any heavy duty fishing operation
    • Easily pull 1/2 m3 swabs to a tank or down the flow line
  • Alloy 0.140” Sanicro 26 Mo slickline for corrosive well environments
    • Line is suitable for very high concentrations of H2S, CO2 and chlorides
    • Max working load of 2650 lbs is high enough for heavy duty wireline operations as well as in-line swabbing in conventional tubing and coil tubing production strings
  • 12 Ton articulating crane with 19.5m boom height for rigless operations
    • No need for additional picker unit to be brought to the well site, saving time and money
    • At full extension picker has 8000 pound capacity within 4.0 m radius
    • At 18.0 m extension (60’) Crane has 9500 pound capacity within 4.0 m radius
  • Scorpion unit can easily be rigged up as a conventional wireline unit when working on rigs or with a larger , third party crane if it is required for the task
  • The Scorpion Unit truly is one truck that can do it all...
    • scorpion2_thAny conventional slickline application
    • Heavy duty wireline fishing
    • High pressure operations on sweet or critical sour locations
    • In-Line swabbing
    • Pressure Surveys
    • Memory Logging
    • Removing well head shacks
    • Hoisting and holding pressure control equipment and top wireline sheave

Feature Omega Tool


Clean Out Valve

A time delay based device, which is run as an integral part of the completion string where sand screens are utilised.


"In the year that I have used Versa-Line, all my requirements have been met. I need a service company that can swab out a casing well, shift a sliding sleeve, and set recorders all in the same day. I can count on Versa-Line to handle any job, and in turn, save me valuable time. Versa-Line brings a tremendous amount of experience to every job and the staff are committed to getting the job done properly, safe, and cost effective. I look forward to having Versa-Line on my location!"

~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy