Multi-Line Mast Unit

Combined function of a slickline truck, swabbing unit and picker truck on a simple, efficient, rugged platform.

unit-5-1_thThis new design bridges the gap between conventional braided mast unit and a conventional slickline truck. The Multi‐Line Mast Unit is no longer limited to working on wells with less than 5 MPa and less than 2% H2S.  The versatility of this truck to be able to quickly switch from  heavy duty swabbing and fishing services to running memory recorders or logging tools allows our clients to plan multiple operations in one day and only have to worry about calling one service company.


  • 17.1 m (56’) Telescopic mast allows wireline and pressure control equipment to be rigged in much quicker than conventional wireline units.
    • Eliminates the need for a picker unit for rigless operations
    • Save additional time and money, especially on days when our clients need to perform wireline or swabbing operations on more than one well in a day
  • unit-5-2_th
  • Mast is rated for 12000 pounds of line tension at full extension
  • Two line choices are available to suit any wireline application
    • Bridon 7/32” Galvanized Dyform
      • Offers unmatched durability and strength
      • Well suited suited for for ANY wireline operation below 55 MPa surface pressure and less than 2% H2S
      • Never run out of pulling power on stubborn fishing jobs
      • Capable of pulling  0.75 m3 swabs with ease
      • Safe working load of 5025 lbs
    • Sandvik 0.125” SAF 2205 Slickline
      • Allows  the Multi‐line Mast Unit to not be limited by surface pressure
      • Capable of running wireline operations in much higher concentrations of H2S than Dyform cable
      • Safe working load 2100 lbs

Feature Omega Tool


E-Line Roller

The roller sub features four wheels per roller in a spiral, which guarantees two contact points with the tubing at any one time.


"Versa-Line has been providing services in my area for several years. When I have Versa-Line on our sites I know the job will get done safely, efficiently and with Penn West’s best interests in mind. The equipment provided is always in excellent condition and I have never heard a negative comment from the field in regards to Versa-Line's performance. For my operations, Versa-Line's units and people provide unmatched professionalism and versatility to get the job done right and done on time. I would recommend Versa-Line to anyone looking for dedicated, skilled people who provide top-notch wireline and swabbing services."

~Deral Haner
Production Technologist
Penn West Exploration