Mast Wireline Unit

Combined function of a slickline truck, swabbing unit and picker truck on a simple, efficient, rugged platform.

  • Rig in or Rig out takes only a couple minutes
    • Save additional time and money, especially on days when our clients need to perform wireline or swabbing operations on more that one well in a day
  • High strength, galvanized Dyform cable offers extremely high working loads compared to conventional slickline
    • 7/32” Safe working load – 5020 lbs
    • When jarring on bumper springs or when jarring in dry gas environments, the wireline tool string can be sling shot and could cause slickline to break above the rope socket. Dyform line is much more rugged and durable, it is capable of withstanding much more abuse than slickline.
    • Unique design of our pack-off allows a seal on dyform cables up to 5 MPa without a grease injection system
    • Galvanized Dyform braided line can be ran in sour wells up to 2.5% H2S
      • Inhibitor is applied to the cable before and after sour operations to prevent premature cable fatigue and corrosion
    • Cables are routinely inspected, re-tourqued, and lubricated to ensure they are always in proper working condition
  • 14.6 m (48’) Telescopic mast allows wireline and pressure control equipment to be rigged in very fast, eliminating the need for a picker unit for rigless operations
    • Mast is rated for 8000 pounds of line tension at full extension
  • Mast wireline units are also designed to be rigged up without the mast on a service rig or third party crane if required for the task
  • Slant well operations are no problem with a mast wireline unit
    • The mast has auxiliary supports that can be installed to support the mast at an angle to line up with any slant well head
  • Digital depth and tension device is very sensitive and accurate, allowing this unit to easily perform any slickline operation
  • Our mast wireline units are stocked with all the standard equipment found on conventional slickline trucks
    • Specially designed swabbing equipment for conventional swabbing or swabbing while the well continues to flow are available at all times
    • In-House designed fishing tools for broken plunger lift systems are stocked on units at all times (Built specifically for fishing plunger pads and broken bumper springs)

Feature Omega Tool


Roller Gauge Carrier

Provides a highly efficient & reliable means of deploying down hole pressure and temperature gauges when running into highly deviated well bores with slickline.


"Versa-Line has been providing services in my area for several years. When I have Versa-Line on our sites I know the job will get done safely, efficiently and with Penn West’s best interests in mind. The equipment provided is always in excellent condition and I have never heard a negative comment from the field in regards to Versa-Line's performance. For my operations, Versa-Line's units and people provide unmatched professionalism and versatility to get the job done right and done on time. I would recommend Versa-Line to anyone looking for dedicated, skilled people who provide top-notch wireline and swabbing services."

~Deral Haner
Production Technologist
Penn West Exploration