Flow Back and Fluid Transportation

  • In-Line Swabbing for Tubing or Casing
    • Built in degassers on tank truck and catch tank
    • Designed to meet industry spacing requirement
      • More than 50m of steel pipe or high pressure hose on all units
    • 12m3 – 16 m3 tank capacity
    • Tank truck w/ reel is designed to quick rig in and out, for multiple well operations
    • Tank truck is capable of hauling all sweet produced fluids
    • Our tank trucks are useful for many operations including:
      • Swabbing in loaded plunger wells
      • Swabbing in shallow casing wells
      • Blowing down pipe lines with liquids
      • Hauling away excess production fluid for disposal
      • The list goes on, call for more details if required

Feature Omega Tool


Command Activated Sandface Valve

The valve may be programmed to open upon the expiry of a pre-determined time delay, or alternatively by using pressure recognition technology.


"Having Versa-Line on my locations, I feel confident the job will go smoothly, but more importantly safely. Versa-Line brings a high level of experience to every site, backed by extensive knowledge. They have pride and ownership in each job and always achieve results. They are industry leaders with one-of-a-kind trucks & rigs, as well as specialized downhole equipment & tools. Versa-Line will always be my first call!"

~Aric J. Pare, C.E.T.
Optimization Technologist
Rimbey North/South