Flow Back and Fluid Transportation

  • In-Line Swabbing for Tubing or Casing
    • Built in degassers on tank truck and catch tank
    • Designed to meet industry spacing requirement
      • More than 50m of steel pipe or high pressure hose on all units
    • 12m3 – 16 m3 tank capacity
    • Tank truck w/ reel is designed to quick rig in and out, for multiple well operations
    • Tank truck is capable of hauling all sweet produced fluids
    • Our tank trucks are useful for many operations including:
      • Swabbing in loaded plunger wells
      • Swabbing in shallow casing wells
      • Blowing down pipe lines with liquids
      • Hauling away excess production fluid for disposal
      • The list goes on, call for more details if required

Feature Omega Tool


Timer Activated Sandface Valve

Permanently installed electronically actuated sleeve type valve which is run in the closed position and which will open following the expiry of a pre programmed delay period.


"In the year that I have used Versa-Line, all my requirements have been met. I need a service company that can swab out a casing well, shift a sliding sleeve, and set recorders all in the same day. I can count on Versa-Line to handle any job, and in turn, save me valuable time. Versa-Line brings a tremendous amount of experience to every job and the staff are committed to getting the job done properly, safe, and cost effective. I look forward to having Versa-Line on my location!"

~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy