Conventional Slickline Unit

  • Single Axle - Conventional Slickline Unit
    • Two line sizes available 0.108" and 0.125" x 25000'
    • 316 SS and Sandvik SAF 2205
    • Well stocked and Maintained for all your Wireline needs
  • Tandem Axle - Heavy Duty Conventional Slickline Unit
    • Three line sizes available 0.108", 0.125" & 0.140" x 25000'
    • Sandvik SAF 2205 and Sanicro 26Mo
    • Capable of heavy duty wireline services in sweet or critical sour environments

Conventional slickline units are supported with 10 ton and 17 ton, flat deck picker trucks for rigless operations.

Dedicated, well trained staff operating our conventional slickline units is what seperates Versa-Line from our competitors.

  • Heavy duty fishing operations
  • Critical sour operations
  • High pressure, high temperature operations

Feature Omega Tool


Command Activated Sandface Valve

The valve may be programmed to open upon the expiry of a pre-determined time delay, or alternatively by using pressure recognition technology.


"In the year that I have used Versa-Line, all my requirements have been met. I need a service company that can swab out a casing well, shift a sliding sleeve, and set recorders all in the same day. I can count on Versa-Line to handle any job, and in turn, save me valuable time. Versa-Line brings a tremendous amount of experience to every job and the staff are committed to getting the job done properly, safe, and cost effective. I look forward to having Versa-Line on my location!"

~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy