Mechanical / Slickline / Swabbing

  • All units are stocked with all typical tools found on conventional slickline units
    • Running & Pulling tools
    • Gauge rings
    • Blind boxes
    • Impression blocks
    • Tubing broaches
    • Tubing brushes
    • Wax knifes
    • Hydraulic jars
  • High strength wirelines available for Heavy Duty Fishing Services
    • 7/32" and 1/4" Dyform braided line
    • 0.140" Sanicro 26 Mo
    • 0.140" Improved Plow Steel
  • Setting or pulling of side pocket valves or blanks
  • Mechanical perforating
    • RTG multi-shot explosive perforator
    • Hydraulic tubing punch
    • Tubing knife
  • Unique fishing kit designed for plunger lift systems
    • Versa-Line Spring retrieval tool (very effective for retrieval of broken bumper springs)
    • Magnetic plunger pad fishing tool
    • Trico overshots
    • BB and BE overshots for damaged or swelled fish necks
  • Retrieve WR Bridge plugs
    • Casing of tubing bridge plugs
  • Tubing or casing bailing
    • Sand pump
    • Drive down
    • Hydrostatic
    • Dump bailers
  • Removal of cast iron permanent bridge plugs
    • Permanent tubing and casing bridge plugs can be removed if required by breaking the plug up into small pieces with chisel tools

Feature Omega Tool


Pressure Activated Equalizing Valve

With very few parts and a rugged design, no special consideration need be given to storage, handling or operation of the device.


"Having Versa-Line on my locations, I feel confident the job will go smoothly, but more importantly safely. Versa-Line brings a high level of experience to every site, backed by extensive knowledge. They have pride and ownership in each job and always achieve results. They are industry leaders with one-of-a-kind trucks & rigs, as well as specialized downhole equipment & tools. Versa-Line will always be my first call!"

~Aric J. Pare, C.E.T.
Optimization Technologist
Rimbey North/South