• Field proven Hydraulic Release Mechanism.
  • Dual Variable Gripper range.
  • Powerful Return Spring.
  • Increased Pushing Force.


  • Deployed on standard wireline.
  • Reduces cost commonly associated with E- Line deployed Tractors.
  • Enables access in highly deviated wells.


  • Deployment of Bridge Plugs in highly deviated wells.
  • Running logging tools and pressure temperature gauges.
  • Deployment of downhole memory camera.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Tractor conveys wireline strings along highly deviated and horizontal sections of the wellbore. Tension at the tractor head, applied via the wireline from surface, is converted to a downhole “push” by simple mechanical linkage. The Tractor crawls along the wellbore when the wireline is subjected to “pull then slacken” cycles at the surface.

The Omega Tractor has been developed to expand the operating envelope of traditional wireline operations. As such, it is truly unique in allowing non-electric line access to highly deviated and horizontal sections. In addition to classic slickline operations and reservoir monitoring in memory mode, the Tractor can be used to convey electric line toolstrings. In such an application, the Tractor would be located at the bottom of the toolstring to allow communication with the tools.

The Omega Tractor is simple in design and robust, being purely mechanical, it will not suffer from failure prone electrical or electronic components. The unique gripping mechanism adapts to changing casing or tubing diameters and is highly tolerant to sand and debris.

The Omega Tractor provides a highly cost effective solution for accessing deviated wellbores. The operation is a standard slickline operation, minimising rig-up time, equipment complexity and risk to the well when compared with the Coiled tubing or electric line alternatives.

The Omega Tractor is offered on a rental basis with full service support. Expert personnel will be supplied when requested.

Feature Omega Tool


Command Activated Sandface Valve

The valve may be programmed to open upon the expiry of a pre-determined time delay, or alternatively by using pressure recognition technology.


"In the year that I have used Versa-Line, all my requirements have been met. I need a service company that can swab out a casing well, shift a sliding sleeve, and set recorders all in the same day. I can count on Versa-Line to handle any job, and in turn, save me valuable time. Versa-Line brings a tremendous amount of experience to every job and the staff are committed to getting the job done properly, safe, and cost effective. I look forward to having Versa-Line on my location!"

~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy