Time Delay Equalizing Valve


  • Large flow ports for maximum flow bypass.
  • Standard Field Proven Omega Electronics.
  • Compatible with any Locks & Bridge Plugs.
  • Short overall length


  • Reduces intervention cost’s.
  • Minimizes wireline runs.
  • Controlled equalisation.
  • No risk during under balance equalisation.


  • Rapid resumption of production without well intervention.
  • Remote equalisation when intervention access is limited.
  • Shallow set barrier for tree testing/maintenance & change out.
  • Deep set barrier for packer setting and tubing testing.
  • Isolation and opening of Multi Lateral Legs.
  • Reducing slickline runs in retrieving plug assemblies.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Time Delay Electronic Equalizing Valve (TD-EV) is a time delay based device, which is run below a Packer, Bridge Plug, or Lock Mandrel. Its function is to provide a removable barrier in situations where no intervention, or communication means are possible.

Its main application is to provide a removable barrier during the construction of a multilateral well. The valve would be installed in the main bore below the whipstock, providing a barrier and protecting the reservoir section of the main bore. Once the lateral bore has been drilled and completed and a communication path has been perforated across the whip stock face, the time delay will expire allowing the contained reservoir fluid to flow up through the valve and commingle with the lateral.

Once opened the valve is mechanically locked in the open position.

The Valve contains two independent sets of electronics and two pilot valve mechanisms for 100% redundancy. The time delay can be set up to a maximum of 150 days and is fully programmable on site.

Feature Omega Tool


Clean Out Valve

A time delay based device, which is run as an integral part of the completion string where sand screens are utilised.


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