Releasable Rope Socket


  • Secondary fishing neck for recovery.
  • Roller & Standard Drop Bars Available.
  • Field redressable.
  • Compatible with all standard Wireline connections.


  • Eases fishing operations by leaving clean fishing neck after activation.
  • Reduced operational cost & risk during wireline operations.


  • Standard & high angle wireline operations.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Releasable Rope Socket can be used with either slick or braided wireline and is designed to release only in the event the toolstring becomes stuck downhole.

The device is activated by a drop bar which works in a similar manner to a go-devil or snipper.

When the drop bar contacts the release trigger, the collet releases the lower fishing neck. The upper housing and drop bar are retrieved to surface leaving a clean fishing neck. Simply changing the internal clamping mechanism converts the Omega Releasable Rope Socket from slickline to braided line.

Feature Omega Tool


Hydrostatic Setting Tool

With no requirements for explosives, negates the issues commonly associated with the handling, transportation, storage, importing and exporting of hazardous materials.


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~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy