Hydrostatic Setting Tool


  • Accurate time delay mechanism.
  • Large output forces generated.
  • High Pressure / High Temperature HST`s available.
  • Large “Stroke” capability.
  • Extensive track record.


  • Non pyrotechnic
  • Reduces risks associated with Wireline mechanical manipulation.
  • Setting force is applied in a controlled manner.
  • Field redressable.


  • Bridge Plug setting.
  • Straddle setting.
  • High Expansion Gauge Hanger setting.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST) provides the industry with a highly reliable, non-pyrotechnic setting device used for the installation of downhole tools such as Bridge Plugs, High Expansion Gauge Hangers, and Straddles.

The setting tool converts the hydrostatic pressure at the tool into an axial force. The short overall length of the HST has been achieved by incorporating a highly efficient ‘pressure multiplying’ piston area within the setting tool. This combined with a unique regulating device allows the hydrostatic well pressure to be boosted within the tool, which in turn provides the axial force.

The HST has been extensively deployed on both Slickline and E-Line operations and can be quickly converted from Slickline to E-line deployment on the rig site by replacing only two components at the top of the tool. In addition the HST can also be adapted for Coil Tubing and Drill Pipe applications as required.

When run on Slickline a timer is used, which features an external switch allowing the timer to be started just before the tool string is picked up. The lower end of the setting tool will make up to industry standard wireline adapter kits.

A Pressure Module can be integrated into the HST when insufficient hydrostatic well pressure is present. With no requirements for explosives, the Omega Hydrostatic Setting Tool negates the issues commonly associated with the handling, transportation, storage, importing and exporting of hazardous materials.

Feature Omega Tool


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"Versa-Line has quality personnel, and excellent equipment. Prompt service and professionalism are backed by their extensive knowledge of plunger systems and artificial lift. I have had excellent service and results using their combo unit, for swabbing and plunger installs. Safety, service, results, always rank high."

~Dean E. Sikorski, CET
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