High Expansion Gauge Hanger


  • High expansion.
  • Low flow restriction.
  • Self centralising.
  • High load capacity.
  • Setting and retrieval on standard slickline or electric cable tools.
  • Short tool string.


  • Provides an extremely low flow restriction.
  • Allows Gauges to be deployed without the need of a nipple profile.
  • Eliminates debris build up, enhancing retrievability after long term deployment.
  • Minimal redress requirement due to robust design.
  • Retrieved by standard wireline methods.


  • Memory gauge hanger.
  • Anchor for downhole tool.
  • Anchor for debris subs.
  • Anchor for M-PLT’s used for stationary logging in cased hole.
  • Anchor for downhole sampling tools.
  • Anchor for inflatable / swellable tools.
  • Anchor for perforation guns.

Technical Specifications

The Omega High Expansion Gauge Hanger is used for hanging off gauges and other tools in a well. Designed for use in tubing with no nipple profiles, the gauge hanger provides a platform to hang gauges from while at the same time constituting a negligible flow restriction. The tool can also be used as an anchor to prevent unwanted movement of, for example, abandoned equipment in flowing wells.

Two bi-directional slip modules allow loads in either direction and self centralise the tool on setting. On retrieval the slips are positively retracted from the tubing/casing wall to their running position. The gauge hanger can be run on slickline or electric cable and is set using standard setting tools. Retrieval is with a JDC pulling tool for simplicity.

The gauge hanger comes in three chassis sizes: 1.5”, 2.0”, and 2.88” OD`s. Conversion kits enable the gauge hanger to be set in a range of tubing sizes from 2 7/8” through to 9 5/8”.

Feature Omega Tool


Time Delay Equalizing Valve

Provides a removable barrier in situations where no intervention, or communication means are possible.


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