Dual Cycle Equalizing Valve


  • Field Proven Electronics.
  • Electronic delay of up to 150 days.
  • Protected sealing surfaces prior to activation.
  • Holds pressure from above and below when in the “closed” position.


  • “Best in Class” flow area.
  • No Intervention/Manipulation required to function the Valve.
  • Reduces intervention runs.


  • Remote equalization of shallow set plugs for BOP/Tree change outs .
  • Packer setting when deploying a completion.
  • TCP gun firing when deploying a completion.
  • Remote equalization of a device set in extended reach or horizontal well.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Dual Cycle Equalising Valve is an interventionless Equalizing Valve designed to be run below a Bridge Plug or Lock Mandrel. The unique onboard electronics allow the operator to set up the valve to be run open, then closed, and finally opened again.

When run on the bottom of a Lock Mandrel or Bridge Plug the DC-EV is deployed in the ‘open’ position, this prevents the potential compression of fluid below the device during the setting process. This also allows the tubing to ‘self-fill’ when being lowered as part of the completion deployment.

On the expiry of the pre-determined timer delay, or by utilising Omega’s pressure recognition technology, the valve will close providing a pressure barrier.

The valve can be reopened by utilising Omega’s pressure recognition technology.

Feature Omega Tool


E-Line Roller

The roller sub features four wheels per roller in a spiral, which guarantees two contact points with the tubing at any one time.


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