Downhole Memory Camera


  • Operator programmable delay time, time interval between images and total of images captured.
  • Standard wireline 15/16” Sucker Rod connection.
  • High Intensive LED’s illuminate viewing area.
  • Detachable battery module, enabling ease of ‘at location’ replacement.
  • High quality Sapphire optical lens.
  • Compact design enables deployment in restrictive rig ups.


  • Highly portable Downhole camera system.
  • Captures 1000 images per run.
  • Deployed on standard Slickline wire / Coiled Tubing.
  • May significantly reduce Operator intervention costs.


  • Mechanical Inspections, such as parted tubing / corrosion / obstructions / restrictions.
  • Wireline and drilling Fishing operations.
  • Gas lift and SCSSV valve inspection.
  • Scale and Organic build up survey.

Technical Specifications

The Omega Downhole Memory Camera enables operators to deploy a camera system via Slickline in a cost effective manner.

No requirement for either E-Line equipment/ personnel or any other specialized equipment commonly required with alternative systems, greatly enhances both the flexibility and value of Omega’s solution.

Obtaining images of a wellbore obstruction or wireline fish, allows operators to fully understand what they are actually up against. Validating the downhole issues can help determine the best course of action, increasing the likelihood of a successful intervention whilst reducing the operator’s overall intervention risk and associated costs.

As the tool is fully programmable at the well site, the operator can decide when the camera will start capturing images, the time duration between each image being captured and also the total amount of images to be captured. A maximum of 1000 images can be recorded and subsequently downloaded using a laptop and Omega’s camera software. The images can then be saved to CD and/or emailed from location.

Compact design allows for the Omega camera to be deployed when rig up heights are restrictive. The system is transported inside robust Pelican Briefcases, ensuring that Omega’s Downhole Memory Camera can be safely shipped to location in the fastest possible time frame.

Feature Omega Tool


Command Activated Sandface Valve

The valve may be programmed to open upon the expiry of a pre-determined time delay, or alternatively by using pressure recognition technology.


"Versa-Line has quality personnel, and excellent equipment. Prompt service and professionalism are backed by their extensive knowledge of plunger systems and artificial lift. I have had excellent service and results using their combo unit, for swabbing and plunger installs. Safety, service, results, always rank high."

~Dean E. Sikorski, CET
Well Servicing Coordinator, Central Area