• Field proven Hydraulic Release Mechanism.
  • Variable Gripper range.
  • 500lb Power Spring.
  • Central Rod transfers impact through tool.


  • Deployed on standard wireline.
  • Reduces cost commonly associated with E- Line deployed Tractors.
  • Provides impact forces downwards via 500lbs Power Spring.
  • Enables access in highly deviated wells.


  • Deployment of Bridge Plugs in highly deviated wells.
  • Running memory logging tools & pressure temperature gauges.
  • Deployment of Downhole Memory Camera.

Technical Specifications

The Catapult is designed to enable electric or slickline tool strings to penetrate deep into deviated wells allowing operating depth to be reached with certainty. It can be mobilised in a single container, which makes it an ideal contingency package and a low cost alternative to electric line tractors or coiled tubing operations.

Normally, as tools are lowered into a well, they build up kinetic energy, which is a function of the speed and weight. The kinetic energy built up in a vertical section can help the tools to run into a deviated well for some distance. However, once the kinetic energy has dispersed due to friction, the tools come to a halt. The Catapult allows the toolstring to be re-energised with kinetic energy many times using line pull, thus allowing the operation to be completed to target depth with certainty.

The Catapult features a central rod, which becomes a solid link in the downhole string. Around this are mounted a gripper and spring assembly. The gripper allows progress into the well by resisting upwards movement. Once the toolstring has run into a deviated section of the well and come to a halt, picking up on the wire allows the gripper to lock with the tubing, which charges the large spring with energy from the wireline unit. Releasing the wire and running into the well permits the large spring to discharge, accelerating the tools downwards.

One function of the Catapult may progress the tools many hundreds of feet into the well depending on the degree of deviation. This operation may be repeated as often as necessary.

When the string has reached the target depth, a constant line pull of around 500 lbs for a minimum of 30 seconds needs to be applied. This causes a hydraulic metering device to remove support from the gripper assembly, allowing it to collapse inwards. The toolstring may then be moved either up or down the well with the disabled Catapult supported by roller subs. In S-shaped wells this would permit logging passes to be performed at the perforation intervals. The Catapult is run in conjunction with Omega Roller Subs (to reduce friction) and the Omega Horizontal Jar.

Feature Omega Tool


Timer Activated Sandface Valve

Permanently installed electronically actuated sleeve type valve which is run in the closed position and which will open following the expiry of a pre programmed delay period.


"Versa-Line has quality personnel, and excellent equipment. Prompt service and professionalism are backed by their extensive knowledge of plunger systems and artificial lift. I have had excellent service and results using their combo unit, for swabbing and plunger installs. Safety, service, results, always rank high."

~Dean E. Sikorski, CET
Well Servicing Coordinator, Central Area