Gemini Retrievable Bridge Plug


  • Medium expansion slips and element.
  • Highly debris tolerant due to innovative equalising/retrieval design.
  • Retrieval mechanism enables successful retrieval in one intervention.
  • Bi-Directional mechanical slips.
  • Large slip footprint maximises slip/casing contact area.
  • Overall length minimized for restricted access deployment.
  • Set using conventional intervention setting tools, such as Omega’s Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST).
  • Option to install a Lower Junk Catcher Extension in high debris environments.


  • Increased operational performance due to setting and releasing mechanisms.
  • No specialized retrieval tool required, standard GS pulling tool used to equalise and retrieve.
  • Optimised slip design reduces stress loading on tubulars.
  • Controlled setting action, further enhanced with the Omega HST.
  • Through bore design provides secondary functionality and increased debris tolerance.


  • Temporary well suspension during well maintenance and workover’s.
  • Zonal isolation, water shut off or treatment.
  • Pre-installation in completion tail-pipe for packer setting.
  • Contingency packer setting.
    Testing of production tubing(s).

Technical Specifications

The Gemini Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP) is a high-performance monobore plugging solution, which can be set at any required depth in the tubing or casing.

The Omega Gemini RBP can be deployed, equalised and retrieved using conventional well intervention methods. Deployment is achieved in one run, as is the subsequent equalisation and retrieval of the plug. This enables a reduction in both well intervention risk and subsequent operational cost.

Bi-directional slips on the plugs lower body anchor the plug to the casing/tubing/liner ID prior to pack off of the element to form the pressure seal.

Equalisation is gained via jarring upwards on the plugs fishing neck and no specialised pulling tool, probe or prong is required. Reliability in retrieving the plug is provided via the plugs robust ratchet mechanism, combined with the element being positioned above the slips. In addition the 'through bore' design ensures full equalisation occurs prior to retrieval. This also means that secondary devices can be installed onto the lower section of the RBP such as Omega's remotely equalised 'Pressure Activated Equalising Valve's (PA-EV), or Water Injection Valve's.

Feature Omega Tool


Clean Out Valve

A time delay based device, which is run as an integral part of the completion string where sand screens are utilised.


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~Dean E. Sikorski, CET
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