Horizontal Access Systems

Many of Omega’s products offer the rare combination of mechanical and electronic designs allowing Omega to successfully develop a wide variety of downhole tools and systems. All products are designed and manufactured in-house using the latest in 3d computer aided design software.

A team of experienced design engineers with a wide cross industry background have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to produce world class tools and designs. Omega engineers often respond to customer driven requirements with field ready tools and systems within weeks of the initial concept.

As all required functions are in house (mechanical, electrical, prototyping, testing, batch machining and field deployment), tight control of all aspects of each tool and design enable Omega to rapidly introduce products to a high standard and with a fit for purpose specification.

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Feature Omega Tool


Slickline Roller

Features interchangeable hardened wheels that allow the fitment of the largest wheel size possible for a particular completion.


"In the year that I have used Versa-Line, all my requirements have been met. I need a service company that can swab out a casing well, shift a sliding sleeve, and set recorders all in the same day. I can count on Versa-Line to handle any job, and in turn, save me valuable time. Versa-Line brings a tremendous amount of experience to every job and the staff are committed to getting the job done properly, safe, and cost effective. I look forward to having Versa-Line on my location!"

~Dave Couchman
Optimization Specialist
Husky Energy