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Dedicated People, Innovative Equipment, Providing Customer Satisfaction is our 'Core Purpose'. What we provide our clients every day is guided by this simple statement.

Our Dedicated Team of professionals is committed to exceeding customer's expectations. The most important component to this commitment is having the right people sitting on the Versa-Line bus at all times. In order to consistently exceed customer expectations we need to always supply the right tools for the job at hand. Our staff and the innovative designs of our equipment are the tools we use, to make sure that our customers feel they have received tremendous value after each and every service.

Our method of providing wireline and in-line swabbing services leaves us standing alone in our industry. Our 'Mast Wireline Units' and 'Scorpion Unit' offer a flexibility and efficiency never seen before. A combination of our units and our experienced staff makes Versal-Line truly unique.

See the Horizontal Wireline Simulation Testing Unit

New Product Line

We're pleased to announce a new line of Cased Hole Logging & Perforating products. We've added a new section of our website to give you more information about this line of tools, as well as additional resources.


Versa-Line Equipment

The right tool for the job can make all the difference. Our innovative equipment designs offer a unique flexibility unmatched by any of our competitors.

Feature Omega Tool


E-Line Roller

The roller sub features four wheels per roller in a spiral, which guarantees two contact points with the tubing at any one time.


"Having Versa-Line on my locations, I feel confident the job will go smoothly, but more importantly safely. Versa-Line brings a high level of experience to every site, backed by extensive knowledge. They have pride and ownership in each job and always achieve results. They are industry leaders with one-of-a-kind trucks & rigs, as well as specialized downhole equipment & tools. Versa-Line will always be my first call!"

~Aric J. Pare, C.E.T.
Optimization Technologist
Rimbey North/South