Health and Safety

ISNetworld: Versa-Line Services Inc. became a member of ISNetworld in 2009. The corporate safety program, training and accident statistics are stored within ISNetworld's questionnaire and located on our Company's dashboard. To access the website go to: (Only ISNetworld Operating Company members have the authority to access this information.)

ComplyWorks Ltd. / Formerly Canadian HSE Registry: Versa-Line Services Inc. has been a member of Canadian HSE Registry since 2007. To access the website please go to: (Only Complyworks Ltd. Operating Company members have the authority to access this information.)

Industry Recommended Practices:
 IRP 12 (final 2007)
 IRP 12 (video stills)
 IRP 13 (final Dec. 12, 2007)
 IRP 16 (final 2005)
 IRP 18 (final 2007)
 IRP Completing and Servicing Critical Sour Wells

 Petroleum Safety Guiding Principles

 COR Certificate

 HSE Policy

 Safety Practices Policy

Feature Omega Tool


Dual Cycle Equalizing Valve

Unique onboard electronics allow the operator to set up the valve to be run open, then closed, and finally opened again.


"I am hesitant in passing on all of the good things about Versa-Line due to the possibility that if other operating company's personnel find out, I will have a hard time securing services from them in the future. Versa-Line provides top notch service and equipment at very reasonable pricing. I have used Versa-Line several times in different application in production maintenance and production optimization operations and have never had a bad day. Their personnel are not only experienced and good at what they do, they are also eager to please and a joy to work with. They take their customer's needs very seriously. In my opinion, Versa-Line is the top in the industry for plunger lift fishing and trouble shooting."

~Russ Huck, R.E.T.
Senior Production Engineering Technologist, Field Optimization
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.