January 2007

  • Began operations with first Mast Wireline / Swabbing Unit.

March 2008

  • Aldean Sehlstrom came aboard and took on the role of President in June 2008

July 2008

  • Second Mast Wireline / Swabbing Unit

May 2009

  • As the economy and industry diminished at the end of 2008, Versa-Line began to pick up steam and market share. As a result, a new concept was introduced to expand the company's existing capabilities and services. After much debating and designing, construction began May 2009 to build the 'Scorpion'. The Scorpion is a hybrid slickline/ swabbing unit designed to keep with existing operational demands and allow work on pressure wells and wells with high amounts of H2S, CO2 and other corrosive environments. Two of our Core Values are 'Exceeding Customer Expectations' and 'Seeking Competitive Advantages'. With these Core values in mind unit #3 the 'Scorpion' was built and began operations in August of 2009.

July 2009

  • Our little company was showing signs that it was going to keep on growing. We decided it was time to start to understand who we were as a company, what was most important to us that we wanted to remain consistent forever as we moved forward.
  • We defined our 'Core Values'
    • Honesty and Integrity
    • Exceeding Customer Expectations
    • Seeking Competitive Advantages
    • Leading by Example
  • We also defined our 'Core Purpose' which is the root of why we "Do what we do"
    • Dedicated People, Innovative Equipment, Providing Customer Satisfaction

May 2010

  • 2010 was an exciting year from start to finish. We have opened a new operations center in Whitecourt, Alberta. We purchased unit #4 in May along with a 17 Ton picker truck. Unit #4 is a conventional slickline unit.
  • We hired a local gentleman from Whitecourt, named Travis Furlong who made our introduction to Whitecourt smooth and seamless. Travis has been a great addition to our team.

September 2010

  • We realized very quickly that one truck was not going to be enough to keep up with the demand in Whitecourt, so we quickly began construction of yet another ground breaking mast wireline truck. The majority of wells in the Whitecourt area are less mature and depleted than in the Red Deer area, so we knew we would need slickline to handle higher surface pressures for a good portion of our services in Whitecourt. However we did not want to completely stray from our roots and felt that Dyform braided line was also necessary. With this in mind we began designing the first operational 'Multi-Line' mast unit. Unit #5 was ready for field operations in September. This brand new design boasts a stronger mast that is eight feet taller that any of our existing mast trucks. In addition we are able to provide our clients with both 7/32" Dyform braided line and 0.125" alloy slickline. This new design has yet again increased the versatility of our wireline fleet.

March 2011

  • We decided to move our efforts down south to Strathmore with by transferring our single axle slickline unit from Whitecourt and replacing the truck up north with a heavy duty, tandem axle, slickline / fishing truck (Unit #6). Strathmore and Whitecourt have both been great areas for us and we look forward to continuing to support growth in both of these areas. In addition to a new fishing truck we opened up our umbrella of services to include a tandem axle 16 m3 tank truck (Unit #50). We built this tank truck with a 50m x 50.8mm high pressure hose reel to be able to meet well site spacing requirements for flowing back while we swab. A few of our major clients asked for this piece of equipment so we delivered it along with our first 139.7 mm side entry lubricator and a few other bells and whistles to improve our shallow well casing swabbing abilities.

June 2012

  • 2012 was in general a year of internal, strategic growth. We didn't add any equipment or geographic locations. What we did do was add some fantastic people to compliment our management and administration teams.
    • Stacy Schaber came on board as out Vice President of Business Development
    • We also added a full time safety coordinator

August 2012

  • Versa-Line entered into an exclusive agency agreement with Omega Completion Technology
    • Omega Completions Technology has designed a wide variety of tools for high deviation and horizontal applications. The wireline tools from Omega have effectively eliminated the need for gravity to function a mehcnaical wirleine string. We can now offer our clients in North America the ability to wireline in extreme deviation and even horizontal applications
    • This agreement with Omega fits extremely well with our Core Values
      • Exceeding Customer Expectations
      • Seeking Competitive Advantages

January 2013

  • Our Cased Hole, Logging and Perforating Division is officially off the ground.
    • The first jobs were completed with our newest wireline unit. This truck is a tandem axel conventional e-line unit. We are very excited to keep with our tradition of having extremely talented field staff and management to look after this new venture. We had a flawless start with this new venture and we will be diligently working on keeping it that way.

March 2013

  • Unit #40 was added to the fleet, our first combination wireline unit.
    • This unit can do it all and we have the people with more than enough experience to meet the full capabilities of this amazing truck.
  • We are very excited to now have two operational units in our logging and perforating, Cased Hole fleet. With these two truck we have also purchased top of the line auxiliary equipment such as:
    • 10,000 PSI diesel / hydraulic grease injection unit
    • 19 Ton Terex crane on a 2011 Peterbilt tandem chassis for rigless operations
    • Complete redundant logging tool strings

Feature Omega Tool


Pressure Activated Equalizing Valve

With very few parts and a rugged design, no special consideration need be given to storage, handling or operation of the device.


"I am hesitant in passing on all of the good things about Versa-Line due to the possibility that if other operating company's personnel find out, I will have a hard time securing services from them in the future. Versa-Line provides top notch service and equipment at very reasonable pricing. I have used Versa-Line several times in different application in production maintenance and production optimization operations and have never had a bad day. Their personnel are not only experienced and good at what they do, they are also eager to please and a joy to work with. They take their customer's needs very seriously. In my opinion, Versa-Line is the top in the industry for plunger lift fishing and trouble shooting."

~Russ Huck, R.E.T.
Senior Production Engineering Technologist, Field Optimization
Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.